Stock Footage Rates

Stock Footage License Fees As Of January 1, 2001
(Ten-second minimum per on screen cut)

Theatrical Films Trailers

Feature Film
Home Video
Film Short/ Documentary

Television Programming

North America/ International Territory $35-50/second
Worlwide $50-1000/second
Music Videos $35-45/second
Television Promos (13 week License) $100/second
Public TV $45/second


Trade Exhibition/Fairs/Conventions
(Licensed for single event)
Trade Exhibition/Fairs/Conventions
(Licensed for one year term)
In-House Corporate/Industrial $35-50/second
Education/Museum $35-45/second


North America 13-week license 1-year license
Local $75/second $100/second
Regional $125/second $150/second
Any Top 5 Market $150second $175/second
National $175/second $200/second
International Individual Territory Please call for rates
Worldwide $300/second

Logos, Main Titles, Infomercials, Internet
Please call for rates

The price of screening cassettes varies from job to job. Screeners range in price from Free to $200.00 depending on how labor intensive. It is always best to call and ask for a quote.

Differences in rates are based on the rarity of footage, the rights required and the term of the license.

Discounts are available on volume orders.

$500 minimum order per license.

All productions shall credit “The Footage Store” within the production.

All rates are subject to change without notice.