Inventory List of the Unusual


  • Good Friday Crucifixions (Very good CU of spikes being driven through hands)
  • Street Whippings, holy cross dragging, Cutting backs with razor blades and glass, etc.


  • Killing Field
  • Torture prison
  • Cobra snake blood ritual (From live snake. Heart beats outside of snake.) drinking blood and eating cobra snake
  • Cambodia temple ruins
  • Cambodia Gun Club shooting machine guns (M-57, AK-47 etc...), throwing hand grenades, etc.
  • Cambodia black market, street doctors (Using jars to suck out illness (Dry Cupping, scraping skin raw, etc.)
  • Cambodia chicken market, getting chickens to market on motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, etc.
  • Cambodia street medicine, eating fried river snakes to cure the common cold to frogs for stomach aches.


  • Long-neck hill tribe women (Giraffe women) from Mae Hoong Son, Nai-Soi Long neck village. Very interesting women and young girls with 16 inch necks.
  • Non-decomposable monk at temple on displaying glass case (Died in 1987)
  • Anatomy museum with body parts, conjoined twins, Dissected complete human nervous system (The only one in the world), heads in jars and split in half, mummy’s, women in glass case dissected, etc.
  • Cooking and preparing bugs for eating. Bug eating with man and young kids eating water bugs, scorpions, baby fried birds, grasshoppers, frogs.
  • Tiger cubs and Piglets being raised and nursing together on mother pig. Tiger cubs actually feeding on a giant sow.
  • Tigers interacting with dogs and having sex with a Rottweiller
  • Crocodile fishing
  • Side show snake charmers (Men pick up deadly cobras and vipers with their mouths)
  • Chimpanzee plays with pet Boa Constrictor
  • Monkey training center (Monkeys are taught to pick fruit, dive for coins, do push-ups, walk upright)
  • Elephants playing soccer, walking over tourists, molesting both men and women with their trunks.
  • Phuket Vegetarian festival. Bizarre face piercing, cutting face with hatchets and knives, fire walking, exploding fireworks, piercing parades, sticking large objects through their face, putting boiling oil on their bodies, temple rituals, etc.
  • Elephants working in lumber camps.
  • Fertility shrine (people worshipping penises)
  • Blind Thai Massage
  • Floating market
  • Mui-Thai kickboxing (Both men and young children)
  • Bangkok’s China district (street scenes and shops selling animal parts for medicine, Shark fins, bird nests)
  • Scorpion girls (Beautiful girls who cover their face and bodies with scorpions and put them in their mouths)
  • B-roll of Asia, city to jungle, riding in Tuk-tuks to rickshaws.
  • Crocodile wrestling, men and women putting their head in a crocodiles’s mouth, etc.)
  • Floating women of Khancanaburi. Women devoted to the temple life and who are able to float on the surface of the water in the lotus position, lying flat on their back, on their stomach and in the upright position, without sinking.
  • Lop Buri Monkey Party (Once a year the people of Lop Buri have a vegetarian banquet for their sacred monkeys (Long Tailed macaques) The rest of the year the hundreds of monkey over run the town, begging and stealing from townspeople and tourists. They run wild and get into everything. Very cute and funny.
  • Water of life. The cave of the river Kwai where hundreds of Buddha’s were hidden during the war. There is a guardian statue guarding the dripping water of life.
  • Sea cave canoeing, Phuket-phang Nga bay. Exploring sea caves of the magical rock islands, discovered while filming the James bond movie “The man With The Golden Gun”
  • World’s largest and wildest water fight. Thousands of people take to the streets with water guns and cannons. Tourists getting buckets of water dumped on them. Even the police get involved in the action with their oversized squirt guns.

New York City Underground

Here we will find a variety to strange individuals (Gothic, S&M, Drag Queens, etc.).

  • Man who snorts condom through nose and pulls it out of mouth. Swings an iron from his nipple. Later has darts thrown into his flesh.
  • S & M scene. Dominatrix whips her naked subservient men. etc.
  • Body piercing
  • Man has a pentagram carved into his back
  • A man shoots red hot sparks off a grinding stone located over his genitals towards men suspending themselves by their nipple piercings.

Other interesting or bizarre stories

  • Bull Fights in Mexico city
  • Pentecostal serpent handlers
  • Anti aging machines
  • Rocks that move in the mysterious dry lake bed known as Devils Race track
  • Cryogenics (Deep freezing humans)
  • Masai blood drinking
  • Rooster Beheading
  • Seal Slaughter
  • Dog fights, cock fights
  • Natural Disasters
  • Nuclear Plant protester (Self immolation)
  • Man pinned in subway platform
  • Motorcyclist killed by ambulance in Beirut
  • Morgue
  • WWII atrocities
  • Liberian Death squad
  • Cryptozoology, The study of unverified animals
  • Ghostly visitations and paranormal investigations
  • Bizarre healing practices from around the world
  • Police Brutality and torture from around the world
  • Placenta eaters
  • Strange pets. Fainting goats to pet psychic
  • Strange delicacies from around the world
  • Museum of Death
  • America’s Stonhenge
  • Weird houses
  • Sedona Vortexes
  • The Fragonard Museum
  • Burning Man Festival
  • Chupacabra
  • Strange Audio Phenomena
  • Chapel of Bones
  • The Body Farm, forensic anthropology
  • Human garbage disposal
  • The Tombstone Tourist and strange graves
  • Mummies of Guanajuato

In addition to the above we have a large Wildlife, Marinelife and Time Lapse library. The animals range from the common the very rare and endangered. If you would like to see a more complete listing of the animals please visit wildlife inventory.

This of course is a brief list of some of the stories and subjects in my library. New material is constantly being added to the library and in some cases it is possible to shoot stories for stock footage prices.

If you have any questions regarding any of this material or would like to set up a meeting to discuss this further please feel free to contact me anytime at (818) 556-6080.